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TERMS AND CONDITIONS for First Goal Football


Please read the terms and conditions in full before you use our services. 

Exclusion Of Liability of First Goal Football


First Goal Football, its coaches, servants, employees or agents accept no responsibility under any circumstances for any loss (consequential or otherwise), damage, expense or delay suffered or incurred by the Parent/Guardian, the Pupil or any other party arising directly or indirectly or in any way connected with the attendance of the Pupil at the Course (or any part of it) or any other act or omission on the part of First Goal Football or any of its coaches, employees or agents even if such act or omission is negligent.


The Parent/Guardian agrees (for and on behalf of the Parent/Guardian and the Pupil) that any claim by the Parent/Guardian or the Pupil against First Goal Football or any coach, employee or agent of First Goal Football must be brought within 60 days of the event that gave rise to such claim. Any claim made thereafter shall be time-barred.


Fees and Payment


The Parent/Guardian shall pay the whole Fee to First Goal Ltd prior to the Pupil commencing the Football Course, unless agreement has been made with First Goal Football before the session day.



The Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever except with the prior written agreement of First Goal Football, unless the child has attended the first class of their course and given notice that they will not be continuing to attend classes within 24 hours of attending the first class, in which case the course fees will be refunded in full within 30 days.


Promotion Offers


Promotional offers advertised can be withdrawn at anytime without giving any prior notice.  All offers are subject to meeting the eligibilty criteria for that offer. 




If classes are cancelled as a result of an “Act of God” (e.g. disruption resulting from extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, etc), strikes, terrorist activity, or where local authorities/public guidance advise that classes should be temporarily suspended for health or other reasons, then no refunds will be given and it will not be permitted to defer classes during the affected period.


First Goal Football may cancel this contract at any time before the Pupil commences the Course for any reason whatsoever.  First Goal Football shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from such cancellation.


In the event of cancellation by First Goal Football prior to the commencement of the Course by the Pupil, First Goal Football will refund any fees for outstanding classes within 30 days


Parents Responsibility


The Parent warrants and represents that:


The information set out in the Enrolment/Sign up Form (whether or not completed and/or signed by the Parent/Guardian) is accurate in all respects and the Parent/Guardian will notify First Goal Football of any change in such information immediately.


When attending the Course, neither the Pupil nor the Carer will be suffering from any contagious illness, disease or anything similar thereto.


The Parent acknowledges and agrees that the Pupil shall be deemed to be under the direction, care and control of the Carer throughout the Course and the Carer shall be responsible for the welfare and conduct of the Pupil throughout the Course and whilst the Pupil is on the Premises.


In the event that First Goal Football determines the behaviour of the Pupil and/or the Carer to be unacceptable, First Goal Football shall be entitled to exclude the Pupil and the Carer (or either of them) from Course and Premises permanently or for such period as First Goal Football shall (in its entire discretion) determine.


The standard of behaviour which is to be regarded as unacceptable at a Course or on Premises shall be determined by First Goal Football.




Our Companies name is: First Goal Ltd

Our business address is: Highlands School N21 1QQ

Our Company number is: 8946179     

Our contact details are: 07847637728